Comment choisir une box de culture adapté à nos besoins ?

Culture chambers can be made of different types of materials: fabric, metal or PVC. They will generally be made of canvas for their practical side.

Inside the boxes, you can find either white or aluminum tarpaulin but more generally Mylar. Mylar being a polyethylene or polyester film with very good resistance to humidity and chemicals is ideal for your grow room.

1 - Choose your cultivation box according to its size

The size of your grow room will depend on the number of plants you want to grow. Depending on the variety, the minimum recommended height will be 1m50. You will already need to allocate 30 cm between the ceiling and the lights, then 30 cm from the floor to the top of your pots.

Your cultivation room must also be large enough to accommodate all the different types of equipment necessary for the life of your culture:

- Your horticultural lighting

- Devices for controlling climatic parameters such as temperature and humidity

- The air extractor and possibly extractor

- Pots, saucers and various accessories

2 - Take into account your level of expertise and your budget

The ease of use of your grow room is one of the key elements for your choice of box. If you are starting to grow indoors, it should be easy to set up, use and maintain. From its different functionalities, a cost will arise which may vary considerably.

It is better to start small in order to have flourishing results later. In addition, over the years, by improving your knowledge and techniques in indoor cultivation, you will be able to move on to higher ranges of growing chambers and use your old ones for germination and cuttings, for example.

3 - The ideal location for your culture

To choose the right grow room, you will also need to ask yourself the question of its location as well as the space you have to install your box. The electricity supply must be taken into account. You will need to have a sufficient electrical power source for the LED panels, the fan, the extractor, the heating, etc.

  Once you have determined the position of your box, remember to also check the ambient humidity level. It should not be too high in the room. The humidity level must be high inside the box, a contrast between the interior and exterior will be necessary to avoid any problems with the culture. If your humidity level is too high, dehumidifiers can be installed in the room.

4 - The multi-storey cultivation rooms

Once your experience in the field is well established, you can move on to culture rooms with two or three spaces. Each space is predefined for a cultivation stage. The smallest for germination, the intermediate dedicated to flowering and the largest for growth.

Each cultivation space must be perfectly airtight in order to maintain climatic balance. This choice of box will allow you to have a permanent culture, without cuts.

- The FLOWERING space must have a temperature between 25 and 27°C during the day and 18°C at night. The humidity level should be between 40 and 70%. A minimum height of 2m is recommended for optimal flowering.

- The GROWTH space will have a temperature between 20 and 25°C during the day and 18°C at night. The humidity level will be between 60 and 80%. Fans can be installed so that the heat produced by the lamps does not damage the plants.

- The GERMINATION or CUTTINGS area. As for the growth stage, the temperature should be between 20 and 25°C. Concerning the humidity level, it should be around 90%.

If you have any questions about choosing a box suited to your needs, our team of specialists is at your disposal by chat, telephone or email to help you best optimize your indoor cultivation.

We wish you abundant cultivation.

The Indoor Light team.

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