Agrolight LED lighting

Discover the Agrolight Led horticultural lighting brand

Agrolight LED is a horticultural lighting brand offering cutting-edge technology for indoor growing. Agrolight offers a range of products designed to optimise plant growth at every stage of development. Agrolight lighting systems incorporate high-quality LEDs, offering a light spectrum tailored to the specific needs of crops, while guaranteeing optimum energy efficiency.

Indoor Light offers three categories of LED panels:

- Quantum Board Full Spectrum Dimmable Leds Epistar 3030, with a power of 120W - 240W - 480W - 660W.

- Quantum Board Dimmable and controllable Full Spectrum Leds Samsung LM301B, with a power of 120W - 240W - 450W.

- 1750 Black Edition LED panel with a power of 660W. 

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