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Biobizz is a pioneering brand in the production of organic potting soils and nutrients. Biobizz stands out for its commitment to organic and sustainable agriculture. Their range of potting soils, such as All-Mix and Light-Mix, is made from 100% natural ingredients, guaranteeing vigorous, healthy growth for your plants. Respect for the environment and superior product quality make Biobizz an essential choice for nature-conscious growers.

Canna is a brand renowned for its innovations in nutrients and potting soils for indoor cultivation. Canna offers high-quality products that meet the specific needs of plants at every stage of their development. Canna potting soils, such as Terra Professional and Terra Professional Plus, are formulated to offer optimal nutrient absorption, guaranteeing abundant, healthy harvests.

Plagron is a leader in the growing media sector. The brand offers a wide range of products suitable for all types of growers, from beginners to professionals. Plagron potting soils, such as Royalmix and Batmix, are made from carefully selected raw materials to provide a rich, balanced base for your plants. Plagron is also renowned for its innovations and commitment to quality and sustainability.

Premier Tech, a Canadian company, is a world leader in the production of growing substrates. Premier Tech offers high-performance, reliable growing solutions. Their range of potting soils, such as Pro-Mix, is specially designed to optimize indoor plant growth. Using advanced technologies, Premier Tech ensures substrates of consistent quality, promoting rapid growth and generous harvests.

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