Cosmorrow Kit - 100W - Full Spectrum - Secret Jardin
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Cosmorrow Kit - 100W - Full Spectrum - Secret...

Cosmorrow Kit - 100W - Full Spectrum - Secret Jardin

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Cosmorrow 100W Full Spectrum Kit from Secret Jardin. This 3,500K full spectrum kit consists of 5 x 20Watt bars. Equipped with a suspension system and a Meanwell driver.

Use for a 60x60cm crop.


Cosmorrow 100W Full Spectrum Kit from Secret Jardin. This 3,500K full spectrum kit consists of 5 x 20Watt bars. Equipped with a suspension system and a Meanwell driver.

The Cosmorrow's patented modular technology makes it waterproof, indestructible and has an incomparable lifespan of 50,000 hours of operation. You'll also be able to maintain your lighting very easily, with the option of disconnecting it bulb bar by bulb bar. The fact that you can change one bulb bar and not the other means you can optimise the spectrum to suit your needs. The Cosmorrow range is dimmable in 3 positions (60%-80%-100%).

With very low heat output, the lighting can be positioned close to the canopy of your crops (15cm).

In a 60x60cm growth chamber with the lighting 15cm from the canopy, you will have a PPE of 2.40 µmol/d and a PPF of 240 µmol/s. The average PPFD will be 728 µmol/s/m².

The distribution of LED colours is as follows:

-25% in 660nm

-25% at 6500K

-25% in 4000K

-25% in 2700K 

Use for a 60x60cm crop.

Product Details

Growing - Flowering
Led bar
100 W
50,000 hours
Crop area
50 x 40 x 6.5 cm
Suspension system, Meanwell driver
manufacturer's warranty
2 years
110-220 V
50/60 Hz
T° of colour in Kelvins (K)
25% at 660nm, 25% at 6500K, 25% at 4000K, 25% at 2700K

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