Presentation of Biobizz brand fertilizers

Leader in the organic growing market since 1992, Biobizz® is a manufacturer of gardening soils and a wide range of 100% organic fertilizers for all varieties of plants.

The brand helps growers every day to optimize the growth and flowering of their plants in order to allow them to enjoy abundant harvests. Their objectives are to make organic and sustainable cultivation accessible to all for optimized results. Biobizz has designed fertilizers adapted to all phases and needs of your plants:

Root Juice fertilizer is a fertilizer that optimizes root growth and stimulates the root system of your plants. It is designed entirely from plant ingredients, it combines two natural substances, humic acid and high quality algae.

The function of Root Juice is to better prepare your plant to absorb the nutrients it will need, which will make it more resistant and guarantee a good harvest. For optimal use, we recommend that you use Root Juice from the first week because this is the crucial period for the rooting of your plants.

Bio Grow fertilizer is the perfect fertilizer for growing plants in soil or coconut fiber, it activates the microbial flora of your substrate thanks to 100% natural Dutch sugar beet extracts.

For optimal effectiveness, we recommend that you start using it as soon as the first leaves appear and until the plant reaches 10 to 15 cm in height. Continue to use Bio-Grow fertilizer until fruit production is complete.

Alg A Mic fertilizer helps protect your plants from stress and keeps them happy so they produce larger fruits with thick, bright green foliage. It helps comfort plants that have suffered from excessive watering, diseases or temperature changes.

This fertilizer also stimulates the absorption of chlorophyll so that the leaves of your plants always stay green. Alg A Mic is made from a premium organic algae concentrate extracted by a biological cold pressing process.

Bio Bloom fertilizer is the complete liquid organic fertilizer dedicated to flowering, thanks to its low nitrogen content and its phosphorus and potassium content, it will guarantee abundant flowering and tasty fruits.

The potassium and phosphorus in Bio Bloom contribute to the formation and growth of petals, calyxes and bulbs. The potassium present in Bio Bloom acts by following the natural rhythm of your plants whether during the day or night, which greatly contributes to triggering the flowering process of your indoor crop.

Top Max fertilizer is a fertilizer containing ingredients allowing better absorption of nutrients and strengthening the flowering of your crop and which will increase the size, weight and buds of your flowers.

By activating the flow of nutrients which stimulates the plant's metabolism, it releases various minerals such as calcium, iron and magnesium into the soil. The circulation of nutrients is optimized thanks to the humic acids contained in Top Max.

Fish Mix fertilizer accelerates the growth of all organisms present in the soil thanks to its infusion of organic fish emulsion mixed with sugar beet extracts.

It also helps stimulate the production of useful bacteria and microorganisms in soil and coconut-based substrates. In just a few days of use, the Fish Mix will have transformed your soil into a rich and nourishing substrate containing all the natural minerals that your plants will need.

Acti Vera fertilizer is a fertilizer that helps protect and strengthen the immune system of your crop while stimulating the metabolism of nutrient absorption, making your plants healthier.

It is designed solely from plants, it is a 100% natural fertilizer.

Bio Heaven fertilizer helps improve the effects and transfer of nutrients from all foliar sprays and fertilizer mixtures, it stimulates the plant's antioxidant system which allows it to eliminate toxins.

It is composed of organic stimulants like amino acids essential to the structure and metabolism of plants which make up the basis of proteins and enzymes. Thanks to the performance of Bio Heaven, your plants will perform better, giving you a better quality yield.

Calmag fertilizer is a fertilizer which provides your crop during the growth and flowering phase with a supply of calcium and magnesium allowing optimal cell production and photosynthesis.

Thanks to Calmag fertilizer and its selection of natural elements, no matter where your water comes from, adjust the lack of magnesium and calcium minerals.

If you have any questions about any of the products presented above, our team of specialists is at your disposal by chat, telephone or email to help you best optimize your indoor cultivation.

We wish you abundant cultivation.

The Indoor Light team.

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